Aging in Place

A G I N G I N P L A C E: Keys to Success

“Getting old is a fascination thing. The older you get, the older you want to get.”

  • ~Keith Richards


Aging in Place

I write and speak on the topic of aging in place and living in the environments of choice as we mature. Shelter is at the heart of what it means to be human and we all need a safe physical dwelling in which to situate our lives and cultivate meaning-making.

I believe successful aging in place begins first in the mind–then in the physical. It can be learned and is possible for most (not all) given the set of circumstances. To be more independent you will need to be more inter-dependent. Aging in Place is a team sport, it happens with insightful planning and a Desire to remain home…

These are Keys to Successful Aging in Place:

A: Accessible 

G: Growth Mindset

I: Income 

N: Nutrition

G: Good Health

I: Inter-dependence

N: Novelty

P: Purpose

L: Learning

A: Anticipate Needs

C: Community

E: Exercise 



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