Living Room

Older persons place special importance on housing because they are likely to spend more time in it, have more difficulty taking care of it, and have stronger psychological attachments to it than their younger counter parts.
-Jon Pynoos and Victor Regnier


The Living Room is the hub of activity in many homes; filled with meaningful objects which support identity and delight the senses. Here are some ideas to help create a more “livable” space:

Top 10 Living Room musts for Aging in Place

1) Arrange Living Room Furniture for easy navigation and clear clutter
2) Low tables are a falling hazard and should be removed or placed out of the way
3) Floor lamps placed near outlets to avoid long/extension cords
4) Furniture should be sturdy with firm cushions not too low to floor and armrests
5) Remove caster wheels from furniture (for obvious reasons)
6) Motion-sensor night lights placed around the room
7) Treat all fabrics with stain-resistant coating
8) Put non-skid mats under area rugs/or remove (place on walls as decoration)
9) Lighting in excess of 100 foot-candles is best
10) Lift Chairs are a wonderful addition to any cozy living room

Living Room Essentials
-Personal Alarm System
-Warm comfy blanket
-Universal remote
-Assisted Listening Devices
-Night light w/ Auto Sensor
-Tray Tables for dining
-Easy-Read Clock w/ LARGE numbers


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