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We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.

-Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt


Aging in Place Technology

Mobile devices, wearables, and internet-based technologies oh my…Technology is changing the way we age. Older adults will be able to remain home by choice (aging in place) as well as have their health and safety enhanced by “Gero-technologies.”

What are Gero-technologies? Simply technology that is used to assist older individuals in maintaining, safety, independence, health/wellness, social connections, and support systems. The goal is to remain active, self-determined, and aging-in-place with a little help from technology.

Here are 10 Future Trends in Aging and Technology to look for:

1. Talking Street signs

2. Cars that will drive themselves

3. Doctor on Skype

4. Remote Patient Monitoring

5. Online Medical Records

6. Caregiver Robots

7. LED lights on everything!

8. Smart Homes that will age along with us w/ VOICE

9. Sensors on just about everything

10. More apps that will track a wide range of body functions/needs

From toilets that monitor glucose levels to 3D printers that make heart valves, technology is changing how we grow older.

Movie Cyber Seniors: We All Need a Purpose for Getting up in the Morning


Gero-Tech Stuff That Works (in real life) Worthy of Consideration

Care Coordination

Care Merge: Simply Connecting Care


Social Interaction Tools: Any Time TV Redefining Independence

Fall Detection

Motion Detectors: Grand Care Systems

Home Telehealth

Amdocs: Home Health Monitoring Solutions

Online Portals

Databases: National Council on Aging/Job Source for seniors


Medication Reminders: Remind Seniors to take Medications

Smart Home Sensors

How Smart Tech will take care of Grandma


Preventice: Wearable sensors that collect real-time health data


Ones to Watch in the Aging & Tech Sector

Laurie Orlov: Aging in Place Technology Watch

Aging2.0: A Global Organization with a Mission to Accelerate Innovation to Improve the Lives of Older Adults Worldwide   

Leading Age: How Technologies can Facilitate Aging in Place

Beating Isolation with Aging-in-Place Technology: VIRTUAL SENIOR CENTER

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Jesuit Paleontologist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin in 1926 Paris, foresaw the emergence of the “noosphere” at a peak mystical moment referred to as the Omega Point. This moment would be the result of the interactions of increasing activity of human networks creating a highly charged “thinking layer.” This membrane would act as a mental sheath—a nervous system of geotechnology extending a closely interdependent network over the whole earth.

Video: TED / Dr. John Barrett explains the Internet of Things 

The Internet of Things

Wikipedia the Internet of Things