Age-Friendly Housing



10 Survey Questions: Are You Ready to Start Thinking About Aging in Place?

  1. Are you 40 years of age or better?
  1. Do you or a household member have one or more chronic health conditions such as diabetes or arthritis?
  1. Do you plan on staying in your current home and community for the foreseeable future?
  1. Are you finding it more challenging getting in/out of the shower-tub or negotiating stairs?
  1. Have you developed a network of helpers (“social capital”) in your neighborhood that you would miss if you relocated?
  1. Is your home set-up for single floor living (bedroom, bath, and kitchen on the main)?
  1. Are there stairs or steep sloping walkways to enter your home (barriers to entry)?
  1. Can the doors accommodate a wheelchair (34” to 42”) for you or a visitor?
  1. Do you enjoy living where multi-generational contact is possible?
  1. Have you experienced your parents struggling to live in a home that no longer works them?